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Changelog de AsterieBot

Blacklisting decks & curated favourites list - lundi 12 juillet 2021

Users are now able to blacklist decks they don't like from appearing! Likewise, servers also have the ability to blacklist decks from their entire server.

Fave decks

Add decks to your 'favourites' list! This essentially allows you to curate a customised random set of decks to draw from. Great if you have a specific list of decks you like and only want to see those decks :)

Memes! - mardi 8 juin 2021

Topical meme commands are in!

?astromeme - display a random astrology meme. You can upvote/downvote memes, memes with enough downvotes will be removed from the pool to increase meme quality overtime. I'll likely add similar commands at some point for related topics. ?tmeme (or ?tarotmeme) - same as above but for tarot memes. Expect the astrology meme command to have higher quality for the time being.